Are You as Productive as you can be

We met a great couple this last week.

They are fulltime RVers like we are.

She is a traveling nurse and he is retired several times over.  He also has MS.

He doesn’t feel that he is productive.  Some days he feels very good and gets out and walks and takes pictures.

Some days he doesn’t feel so well so he sleeps in, get going late and feels as thought he wasted the day.

If you deal with or know someone who deals with MS you can understand that some days you are in charge and some days MS is in charge.  And it can be frustrating.

He is a former Marine so he will never be that productive again.

He was a very successful salesman for a large industrial manufacturer for 10 years. He quit to be an independent salesman.  So he choose not to be that productive again.

Running his own business gave him a lot of freedom.  However the MS made it difficult to do the job.

So now he is retired, follows his traveling nurse wife around in their Motorhome.

He doesn’t drive due to the MS however he has a great scooter and a dog that travels behind in carries. They go everywhere.

He take photos of the area they are at and post them on his blog, yet he feels unproductive.

I asked his to define what that word meant to him and he was silent.

He wanted to be ‘productive’ yet he didn’t know what it meant to him.

I’m guessing, like most men in their 50’s and older they would like to be their 20 something self again.

I thought he was very productive with the photos and blog. He didn’t see that as productive.

He needs to let go by forgiving himself for having a chronic illness he didn’t ask for.

He needs to forgive himself and accept that he is 50 plus with an illness that limits his walking, not his mobility.

It is always a mindset.  If you believe you can than you can.

Athletes start the race by believing that they will come in first. Why else would you run the race?

If you believe you can that you will always have success.  Success sometimes isn’t about the end it is about the action. Build on that action and more and more success will follow.

Just because you don’t currently have a skill or piece of knowledge doen’t mean you can’t succeed.

Did you know you could walk before you walked? I’m guessing it was a natural progession.

You learned to stand, to balance, you combined the two and guess what? Your parents were chasing you all over the house.

Productivity is moving forward.  So move forward. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

To success








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