Are You as Productive as you can be

We met a great couple this last week.

They are fulltime RVers like we are.

She is a traveling nurse and he is retired several times over.  He also has MS.

He doesn’t feel that he is productive.  Some days he feels very good and gets out and walks and takes pictures.

Some days he doesn’t feel so well so he sleeps in, get going late and feels as thought he wasted the day.

If you deal with or know someone who deals with MS you can understand that some days you are in charge and some days MS is in charge.  And it can be frustrating.

He is a former Marine so he will never be that productive again.

He was a very successful salesman for a large industrial manufacturer for 10 years. He quit to be an independent salesman.  So he choose not to be that productive again.

Running his own business gave him a lot of freedom.  However the MS made it difficult to do the job. Continue reading “Are You as Productive as you can be”

Empowering Beliefs

“The power of our beliefs can work in either direction to become life affirming or life denying.”

— Gregg Braden: American author of New Age literature

Self-confidence and Self-empowerment come from with-in you.  Other people don’t really empower you, they just mentor or demonstrate behavior. You choose to trust them enough or believe in them in them enough to make the necessary behavioral change.

There are stories of people who were trapped and froze to death in 40 degree refrigerator boxes hauled by semi-trucks.

They believed that they would die and they did.

There was the young man who was hiking in the dessert and fell in a crevasse and his arm was pinned behind a large rock and he could not move.

He believed he could survive and did.  His story became a movie. It explains from his perspective the power of believing you can survive. Continue reading “Empowering Beliefs”