Is Confidence really Responsibility?

man-with-two-thumbsI have been thinking about how Personal Development and Resilience are related.  When people explore the world of Self Improvement they look for quick and simple ways to change.

What they don’t seem to look at is what is wrong  or what they need to change?

In my most recent book “How to Master Resilience: 10 Foundational Steps”   Chapter One starts with Close relationships with Family and Friends.

This is a major foundation that supports Confidence.

And Confidence is a basic building block to any future success.

Without Confidence we will always questions our right to success and happiness.

We deserve to be happy and successful.  Yet without Confidence we buckle under the first word of criticism or a negative response.

Where did we hear our first words of criticism or negative response?  In our home environment!

I am not saying that parents’ are the downfall of confidence and success.

What I am saying is that if you have unresolved issues from your past that keep you anchored and unable to move forward learn how to dump them out.

It is not that hard.

Try this.

Write down 10 or 15 excuses you use to not succeed.  They most likely are ‘someone else’s fault.’ Surprise!

Actually that is the only real excuse you have.  You think someone else is keeping you from success and happiness.

Well at some level you are right.

The person keeping you from success or happiness is YOU.

Until you take 100% responsibility for ALL your behavior and the results of your behavior you cannot succeed or be happy.

In the Wizard of OZ, the Great Wizard told Dorothy she had the power all along to go home. He told her to click her heels and think positive, ‘there is no place like home.’

An open mind, a measureable and reasonable goal, ACTION, and she made it home.

Back to her family and new found confidence in herself.

This is just the beginning of a conversation.  Come on back for more.